Saturday, January 23, 2010

Like Father Like Son

Samil and I went to nearby high schools.  They weren't rivals, but the sports teams did play each other regularly. So Samil will do this thing whenever he meets someone who went to my high school.  That thing is he'll talk to them about his experiences on the wrestling team.  Thing is... none of my friends care about wrestling.  They don't care my team had a paw print on the butt, or that his team always lost, or... really anything about it.  I wonder if and when he'll get that hint.

And that's not related to this story.... Samil also has an issue with time management.  As he told our mutual friend Brian, everyone should have a 30 minute window to be late to something (Brian's response, for the record was "I'll actually kill anyone who makes me wait for a half hour.").  This is a curious thing because he wanted to leave this morning for his father's place at 10.  As I expected, he started eating breakfast at 11.  Not a big deal... going home a little late on a Saturday morning is not the end of the world.

Except his sister was taking the SATs and was expecting him to pick her up when they finished.  So around noon when he finished cleaning up from breakfast, he turns to me, informs me about it, and then goes "do I need to be there at noon or 1?" as if I'd know.  So, his bright idea is to call his dad and tell him to pick her up.

He made that call while I was on my way to pick up Brian, and when we got back to my place, he was sitting on the couch staring at the wall.  We sat around and talked for a bit: we're all teachers, and two of us are workaholics.  The other is Samil.  Two of us like to be on time to things... and the other is Samil.  etc. etc.

And then Samil's little sister calls waiting to be picked up.  Apparently dad is not there.  This causes Samil to angrily call Dad.  A while passes and we talk about politics and the sort.  And then the sister calls again, with the same problem.  Now Samil is flipping out, and tells Brian and me "my dad has the worst time management skills EVER.  We would always be sitting in the living room, and he'd walk in going 'let's go let's go let's go' and we'd always say 'we're waiting for you dad' and I mean, how could you do that?  And his temper.  He's always so angry, and we always have to put up with him."

The logician in me of course is wondering how Samil can be so angry at his father for his sister not being picked up when Samil had volunteered to do it and pawned it off on his dad when he was running hours behind the time he said he'd be in town.  Of course... like father like son.