Saturday, April 17, 2010


So after that last post, I've been wanting to post something nearly as exciting.  But nothing has happened so I figured I'd just capture a few amusing moments.

I fixed the couched.  Samil seems to think its now invincible and just sort drops his whole body on the couch.  You'd think that I'd be pissed that he's regularly testing my handiwork, almost daring it to break.  Actually, I'm really hoping he jumps onto the couch and it collapses all around him.  That would be an awesome consolation prize to my repairs being destroyed.

This morning I was watching hockey highlights.  Samil walked over to me, at 9am, and asked "are you watching highlights or a game?"

Samil was asked by our downstairs neighbor if he was smoking weed.  I'm not sure how he answered, but he was very concerned by this.  Oh, he told me a week after it happened.  Great.

Finally, I haven't heard about Nancy since a week after the night she told him that she had issues with dating weed smokers.  He called, she didn't call back.  I guess its good that I don't need to hear about the drama and excitement and heartbreak.  On the other hand, he's back to asking me if I want to go scope out the Hawt Ladeez in the bars with him.  I'm not sure how I feel about this trade off....

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