Monday, August 31, 2009

First Night

Highlight of the night was how Samil somehow got into a tangent on Privacy rights when I was explaining to him that it wasn't exactly normal to go to your neighbor and just ask for their wireless router's password. Somehow, he made the jump from that to "You know, like, what about when they put microchips in brains and it makes you so much smarter you'll need one to function. What'll privacy people say then?"

It was also humorous when he relayed this story....

Saturday night he went to a party in Philly and saw a girl he at one point had a crush on, which he told said girl who did not share his interests. This night in Philly was the first time, as he said "she was warm to him," making him feel really good about himself. He stills find the girl as he says slamming (which will pause, then say in a higher pitch and softer than his regular speech in order to highlight it). He also found out that this girl's little sister (by about 3 years, putting a gap of 7 between her and Samil), just got a job working in our school district, which really excited him. This 'silver lining' has a lot of potential, especially if the little sister is just as 'fly' and cool as the older sister.

Oh, the couch is not comfortable w/out the mattress. Resolution has not been found on that. Work starts tomorrow. Should be good.

(Also, I showed up to work today to set up my room for a few hours and got put to work by all sorts of teachers to move stuff. So now my room isn't set up, but theirs is. Do I look like I LIKE moving? I'm sick of it.)

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