Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To get this out of the way...

I imagine anyone reading this right now is about to say... "If this guy is such a terrible room mate, why would you move in with him?" That's a very fair question. Honestly, part of the reason I'm living with Samil is for the Lolz. Also, him and I have a fair number of shared interests and do get along pretty well.

That, however, does not excuse the fact that 3 days in, he hasn't set up a single thing or unpacked a single box of stuff we use communally. I mean, really... we have no forks right now that are accessible without digging in a box also containing all of our plates and larger utensils. Nor does it forgive the fact that even though I told him three times, he still threw trash in a trash can without a bag in it, when I had a shopping bag of trashing going right next to it. I don't care if we get along, I'm still not going to pick out his trash for him.

On an unrelated note, I wonder, exactly, how many of you would love to hear your brand new room mate say to you "Oh man, if I got laid off, duuuuude, that would be great. I'd gladly fall on my light saber just like Obi Wan if they told me I was getting RIF'd." (RIF=Reduction in Force, ie laid off because the school is reducing the number of teaching positions) I mean, I know I wasn't thinking about anything like 'how would you pay rent?' Nope.

We're still without Internet, so I'm not going to give him the full introduction and life story here, but I also wanted to mention that I would not be surprised if this space also starts dealing heavily in education matters. We're teachers. We talk about teaching. We're both very opinionated and I'm becoming more and more informed on my views. I may periodically call him an idiot when I talk about education matters, but I use 'idiot' as a term of endearment. Just ask my students.

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