Sunday, December 13, 2009

Except for the frozen yogurt...

Samil just got home. His Grandmothers cousin died on Thursday so he went down to DC to be with family.  He immediately went to the kitchen, made a bowl of cereal and walked into my room.  Parenthetical thoughts are, of course, the ones going through my head.

"Hey, I just got in.  Look, I got my phone.  I couldn't activate it.  Sprint was busy."
"Oh.  Hi."
"How are you?  Weekend good?"
"Mine was Awesome.  Except for the frozen yogurt.  We went to this swanky yogurt place, a chain.  It was bad.  No bueno."
"Oh." (Awesome weekend consoling family over loss of an elder... except for that yogurt!)
"Yeah - I think I'm going to go to sleep in like an hour and a half, maybe.  Oh man, early night."
"Okay."  (that would make it 9:30, which is a little early, I guess.)
"Yeah, I'm just gonna eat this and head to bed."
(Wait, what?  Its going to take you 90 minutes to eat that?)

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