Friday, December 11, 2009


So today Samil told me he was thinking about starting to use HGH, otherwise known as Human Growth Hormone, otherwise known as the stuff baseball players use to get an illegal but undetectable edge on their opponents.


He's tired.  And the first people to test HGH were doctors (um... no shit).  My, I feel slightly more logical, solution was to go to sleep earlier.  But!  He did go to sleep early last night.  He went to bed a good hour before me, even.

Or not.  Instead he was perfecting an email to send to a girl on OK Cupid.  For an hour and a half.  Or two girls.  So instead he went to sleep a bit later than me.   He was also calling people for advice on these emails - girls, of course (he felt the need to tell me, thus I feel obligated to tell you.)   I'm glad I'm not a girl, because then he would have woken me up to ask me questions like "should I say that I'm a teacher or should I not?  I mean, I want her to be intellectually curious, but maybe I should wait to talk to her about her favorite movies.  Should I tell her I'm a revolutionary?  Is this too long?  I don't want to bore her."

Clearly, the solution to his problem is HGH.

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