Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Girlfriend (?) Part Two

A lot happened leading up to the second date.

The first thing that happened was that Samil's car fell in a tree.  We had a blizzard and the snow caused the car to collapse around the tree.  At least that was the appearance if you spent too long looking at it from your window chuckling.  It was even funnier, to me, because an hour before he discovered his tree in the car, he was joking about branches falling near his car, and then a half hour after that he told me another branch fell even closer to the car.  Then, he looked out the window and saw a cop standing near his car taking notes and he realized the shit hit the fan branch went through his windshield and busted up his hood.

Then hilarity began.  The cop told Samil he had to move his car that weekend or it would be towed so the town could remove the tree that was in his car.  Before Samil really could do that, he needed get a hold of his insurance company.  To do that.... he needed his phone and insurance cards which were in his wallet.  Commence an hour of him pacing around the apartment turning things upside down looking for his wallet and phone, angrily cursing at himself.  And I thought I was going to have a boring day lounging around the house.   

This all happened the morning of Date #2. No doubt, this was now a problem for his plans that evening, which included Thai restaurant + the bar + ?  As Samil was getting ready for Nancy to arrive at the house (who was nice enough to drive to him for the date. She def earns some bonus points right there), he comes into my room and asks me if I have condoms.  I do not.  He tells me that he has lube but no condoms (I gathered the latter, didn't really care about the former) and begins wondering out loud how to rectify this situation.  He asks me if I could drive to pick them up (My car is still dug in.  Does he want to dig it out for me?  No.).  He then hatches the Greatest Idea Ever* or as my friend said "that is so sketchy I'm creeped out and he's not even trying to date me."  He called a friend Mark and asked him to purchase some condoms and then deliver them to him when they're at the bar.  As he said to me.. "yeah, yeah, that'll work."  Right.  

As he is trying to figure this out, he gets a call from Nancy, whose tire blew out on the way here.  This problem was actually not a big deal.  Despite AAA claiming it would take forever and a year (I have a totally unrelated AAA story I will till, but not today), they took care of it pretty quickly, and they were out the door.

The date went pretty well, aided by her apparently drinking a lot.  They just went out for drinks because of the car troubles, and in a brief moment of genius, Samil told her to park in the Quick Check lot next to the bar so he could "ask them if it was okay to park there."  This is now code for me whenever I want to leave my date in the car to buy condoms on a second date when the only physical contact I've have previously has been a quick peck on the lips.

They came home and she crashed here, which he was really proud of.  I mean, she only crashed here because she was drunk and exhausted, but you take your victories where you can, right?  Also, he was pretty upset over just a little heavy petting, but he told me the next morning "it was cool, i just wish she told me 10 minutes earlier."  To which I probably should have said, "10 minutes before you told her to stay in the car at Quick Check so you could buy condoms?" 

A short addendum:

The next night I hosted a get together in my apartment, to which Samil partially attended.  In preparing for it, Samil was doing some dishes, and I brought to the sink some newly acquired silverware and cooking utensils that I got from my parents house.  I announced that they didn't need much cleaning, and if he could do some of them, that would be great.  He said "yeah, sure."

In addition to my party, Samil also went back to the same bar he went to with Nancy because he noticed lots of "Fly Ladies."  He struck out, but the next morning asked me to weigh in on whether a certain girl was hitting on him or not.  The trouble with this is that I wasn't there, and all my information is from him, so really my answer is heavily influenced by what he noticed.  

Also, he didn't do any of those dishes.  When I asked him about it, he said to me:

"Well, did I say, yeah, uh huh?  Cos you know, maybe I didn't hear you.  Maybe I wasn't listening.  I'm sorry, sometimes I do that and say things like yes to people.  Is that a problem?"

Um... yeah, uh uh.

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