Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm moved in. By "I'm moved in" I mean that I set up the living room, bathroom, and my bedroom. I don't mean that the kitchen is unpacked, because really, I think Samil can handle unpacking a few appliances and figure out where to put the forks, considering I moved the TV, couches, end tables, shower mat, lamps, etc. around and made the rooms livable. Two nights ago he asked if I'd be around this weekend to set up the kitchen with him. I told him that he could handle setting things up alone, since I wasn't going to be home at all during the weekend and I did set up the living room and bathroom pretty easily on my own. He agreed. More on this yesterday...

Samil also took off work yesterday to take care of getting his parking pass and wait for the FIOS guy to get us set up with Internet at 1pm. Around 11:30am I get a call from the technician (since I set up the appointment because my credit is still comfortably in the three digits), and I tell him I'll pass my room mates number on to him. I call Samil to see where he's at. He says he's at the gym, so I told him I'd text him the guy's number so they can work the arrangement out right then and there without me mediating.



At 1pm he texts me going "Yo, you never sent me the number." Twice, the same text, but one without any punctuation or capitalization. I can only assume he thought I didn't respond to poor grammar, seeing that he's an English teacher. He also calls and leaves a voicemail to the same effect. I was in class until 1:10 and was really concerned why my phone was freaking out as I was finishing class. So I get the messages and call him and ask "why didn't you tell me this an hour and a half ago?" to which he responded "you wanted me to to call him right away?" "I did tell the guy you'd would." "oh." My coworker overheard both of these conversations and immediately gave me the look of AYFKM?, aka Are You Fucking Kidding Me? Turns out Samil does not know how to use his phone and couldn't accept text messages when I messaged him. He has since gotten help from a coworker to resolve this, but I should mention there is a reason they call the things Smart Phones, and its not because they make you smarter.

The next crisis is that the technician is not answering Samil's calls. So I call and he picks up, slightly pissed off that no one got in touch with him, but he says he'll be right over. Yay Internet!

Now, two nights ago when Samil and I discussed the kitchen situation, we also talked about what I hoped the FIOS guy would do: 1) run an ethernet line to my computer 2) run an ethernet line to my XBox. I understood if this wasn't going to be possible. Happily, when I got home Samil was able to report that the FIOS guy did everything Samil asked him to do and that we had Internet. Yay Internet!

Except, neither of those were done. For some reason, FIOS guy ran a cable wire to the XBox, which makes absolutely no sense, and didn't put anything in my bedroom. Yay... wait.

In short, Samil goofily sitting on the floor of the office, high with heavy pot fumes filling the room pissed me off more than a little bit since his happy report was entirely wrong. He was also very surprised that neither were done, despite him sitting around watching the entire process. I left, choosing to hang out at the library instead of flip out on him, and told him to call them and fix the situation.

I come home two hours later to find him sleeping and having not called the company. He said his phone died so he took a nap. Great. A while later he gets a hold of the company and is shocked that they are giving him a hard time about coming back out to fix things. Meanwhile, I spent this escapade beating up Gotham's worst, who are all somehow on the Joker's payroll. Where's that guy get his money, seriously.

Meanwhile, I also noticed that the kitchen was all still in boxes. Realize that we moved in 6 days ago. One of these boxes also happened to now be dripping wet at the bottom. Realize that Samil has been sitting at home all day doing nothing. So I brought this up with him, to which he said "oh, I didn't know that was my responsibility." This is the point where I gave him the AYFKM? look and just walked away to work out.

As of today I still have no Internet, I happened to miss an epic Flyers game (Home Opener + the captain, Mike Richards getting a Hat Trick + 11 total goals + Overtime + Winning), and I'm beginning to think I can trust my middle school students more than Samil.

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