Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Devil, Details

Normally, I think I make my decisions on a person's character based on the little things they do or don't do.

In Samil's case, I can't decide whether I'm deciding he has shit for brains because he can't remember to unlock the bathroom door or because he locks the door for no reason. See, I have a separate door going to the bathroom. It has a lock on the inside so nobody walks in on someone doing their business. which is fine, or would be fine, if the person doing their business also remembered to unlock it afterward. No, its not a big hassle because I can walk around to the to the other door (hence, 'little things') but if I have to hear Samil every morning (sometimes awoken to the prettiest of bathroom sounds) of take care of his stuff because a bathroom door leads to my bedroom, I should be able to use said bathroom door.

This is why I think Samil has a terrible case of CRS (Can't Remember Shit, if you've forgotten). Samil also needs to realize that when we have longer heart to hearts, I remember what he says, because when a nerve is touched in a conversation between us and others, he tends to go off in really awkward tangents. For example, Samil has been looking for a steady relationship I think for a good long while. He hasn't had many, so I think not finding someone to settle down with is a point of anxiety for him. This is all fine; I do want him to be happy. I just don't want him to weird out my friends in the process.

My friend John was in one night and we were talking about his long relationship with his girlfriend and his longer commitment to not being in long relationships (funny how long relationships seem to just happen when you're not looking). This caused Samil to go off on how you don't need to settle down early, and its not a big deal because John is young, and he still has time to find someone, and one day he'll find a girl to settle down with and start a family, and lots of people start relationships later on in their lives, and there's no reason to commit yourself to a person if you're not interested in committing yourself, and you really shouldn't worry at all. Not that John was ever worrying, of course.

I also find it incredibly sad but very much not a big deal when Samil gives me the look of an accomplished 5 year old who drew a picture on a place mat. Normally he gives these looks when it has to do with him getting some sexual contact or drugs. This leads me to imagine that said place mat is of a park with people flying kites, and the sky is purple and the people are orange and the grass is blue.

Good example, he tells me he was fooling around with a girl for a few weekends. [cue 5yr old smile] Then the girl dumped him when he said they should being a relationship and she said no. [cut 5yr smile]. Another example "I went over my cousin's house" [smile] "and we got so high. Like really really high." [end smile] I don't really remember much else that we did."

I'm also not sure if I should count this as a big thing, but all of the dishes still aren't put away in the kitchen. He's unpacked about half the box, but still. How lazy can you be to not finish putting a box away after 3 weeks? I mean, they are small things. Who really needs forks, and knives. Little stuff, I say. Good thing I'm not home enough to cook.

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