Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fire roasted

I wish there was a larger context to this, and maybe there will be in the next few days and I'm jumping the gun, but its just too funny for me to not post right away.

I walked into the living room about five minutes ago with Samil enjoying a nice bowl of tortilla chips and salsa. I was bringing some stuff to the sink to clean - accumulated tea cups and my breakfast dish from this morning. Samil started telling me how disappointed he was with his salsa. I respond with a generic grunt, and he continues on. "I really wish I had bought some fire roasted salsa. Have you ever heard of fire roasted salsa?"

I confirm that I have, in fact, heard of fire roasted salsa to him, and then I notice the salsa on the counter. "Hey Samil, that's funny, did you buy the same agave salsa that I bought yesterday?" I turn to look over to Samil, who is giving me his best deer in headlights impression. "Um..." He gets up and looks at the salsa. "Oh shit, this...." shuffling through the cupboard "here's my salsa. Oh damn its warm."

"But I DID buy the fire roasted salsa."

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